About us

Sundling Wärn Partners is an independent financial advisory firm founded in 2006. We are relationship-driven and focus on giving unconflicted, relevant and value-added advice to owners, board of directors and management teams. We are active mainly in the areas of equity capital markets advisory, corporate finance and M&A.

We advise our clients on transactions of all sizes – from large cross boarder deals to small domestic transactions. Over the years we have gained extensive experience in negotiating and executing both public and private transactions involving Nordic companies in domestic and international markets. This coupled with strong personal networks both locally and internationally help create value for our clients.

Sundling Wärn Partners was founded by Krister Sundling and Magnus Wärn. We have both worked the last 30 years within financial advisory services and have gained extensive experience from public and private transactions in various industries involving both Nordic and non-Nordic clients. Together we have a broad business network including owners, board members, management teams and other advisors.

Krister Sundling

Morgan Stanley (2005-1998), Goldman Sachs (1998-1991)

Stockholm School of Economics and Wharton Business School

Magnus Wärn

AMF Pension (2005-2006), Carnegie Investment Bank (1999-2005), Lazards/Brummer & Partners (1995-1999), Handelsbanken Markets (1990-1995)

Stockholm School of Economics and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Outside the office in Stockholm